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  • Typology: Laminam
  • Description:
    It is the largest and thinnest ceramic slab ever seen (3mx1mx3.5mm) thanks to its lightness and easy-to-process nature:
    - it can be used to cover new and existent floors and walls of private and public places;
    - it can be used to produce curtain and ventilated walls, insulated or partition walls, tunnels and subways;
    - it is perfect to enrich interior design projects (bathrooms and kitchens, wardrobes, tables, desks, and furnishings in general;
    - it has new applications (in the shipbuilding sector and in the healthcare, hospital and medical sector);
    - the slab is easy to clean and resistant to frost, fire, mold and Ultra Violet rays. Even if subjected to severe climate changes, the colors and the features remain stable;
    - it is scratch resistant, easy to clean and even the strongest paints can be easily removed;
    - this product uses sustainable technology conceived to limit waste products and employment of resources;
    - the ceramic surface becomes a nonpolluting photovoltaic slab used to cover facades or roofs, contributing to the development of a sustainable architecture and construction and an eco-friendly project.

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